[TRANS] DUET 2013.06

it was Hikaru's idea, and approved by Dai-chan..

you can call your self a 'tobikko' if you are a JUMP fans...

Tobikko is written like this 「とびっ子」 in japanese, 「とび」 means to JUMP and 「子」 means girl or children or people in general

either way, it's a cute name for JUMP fans, don't you think?

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Hirosue Ryoko to star in a new Fuji TV drama as a single mother


It was announced that actress Hirosue Ryoko will star in new drama “Star Man ~Kono Hoshi no Koi~(tentative title)” that will start airing in July on KTV/Fuji TV. The drama will be directed by Tsutsumi Yukihiko (“Keizoku”, “TRICK”, “SPEC”), and Okada Yoshikazu (“Ohisama”) will be in charge of the script.

This will mark the first serial drama in 17 years for Hirosue to play the lead role since her last one in “Mokuyou no Kaidan” (Fuji TV) from 1996. Hirosue said, “It takes a bit of courage to play the leading part, but I was a television child who grew up watching many dramas. Also, my first work was a drama, so it feels like I’m back at home. I would like to create a fun work with all my heart.”

The drama revolves around “Uno Sawako” (Hirosue), a strong-minded single mother who raises her three sons. Her husband left her because of her rough personality. One day, a young man who has lost his memory suddenly shows up in front of her, and she falls in love with him at first sight. Sawako then decides to have him live with her as the father of her three sons.

The director Tsutsumi said, “In a word, it would be an ‘unbelievable family drama’, which includes both family life and love romance.”

The mysterious young man “Hoshio”, whom Sawako falls in love, will be played by Fukushi Sota, and other cast members include Koike Eiko, Onishi Ryusei (Kansai Johnny’s Jr.), Arimura Kasumi, Ishii Masanori, Yamada Yuki, Yoshiyuki Kazuko, and Kunimura Jun.

The drama will air every Tuesday at 10:00 pm starting in July.

Source & Image: MANTAN WEB

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[Twitter Update] 35 sai no kokousei

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